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Paros Sales Order
A QSR Owner or a CML manager not only need to be able to forecast the needs of his many clients (regardless of whether they are retail stores, or other CMLs), he also needs to match his requirements carefully with his production capacity, as well as with his raw material inventory.
PAROS Sales Order software module brings you accurate product demand forecasting, easy to use sales order entry methods/forms, and detailed sales order tracking by not only individual stores, but also by days, weeks, shifts, and product types.
The PAROS Sales Order module, allow QSR Owners and CML managers to selectively delegate various Sales Order entry screens/functions to his staff –either to individual Staff/User Accounts, or to Group (or Role) Accounts.
Standard functions available in PAROS Sales Order module include:

Ability to create, copy, and modify multiple custom sales order templates.
Ability to specify blackout dates for individual stores, network, or owner.
Aggregate sales order data from multiple stores within a network.
Allow CML to substitute or delete product line items on Sales Order by product type, store, or process type.
Allow network manager to enter/update/track combined sales orders.
Allow sales orders for various levels of unfinished product types..
Allow sales orders to be entered using forecast, recurring, or manual order entry.
Allow store to generate multiple sales orders, special orders.
Allow stores to change the sales order quantity, product types prior to a cutoff time.
Allow stores to enter actual quantities received.
Automatically close sales orders after a pre-specified number of days after delivery.
Optionally exclude all special sales orders from forecast.
Specify or override minimum/maximum order quantity by product type, store.
Track open invoices.
Track sales orders by stores, product types, network, and dates.
Track waste by product type, process, shift, employee, and production batch.
Update of an entire sales order, or individual line items for a sales order.
Use of historical sales order data for forecasting purposes.

PAROS Sales Order module is flexible, and fully customizable to support a whole range of business environments –ranging from a large CML facility catering to many QSRs, to a mini-CML (a local kitchen) at a QSR.
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