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About Us
We are a team of bottom-line driven professionals, with real world experience, ready to help you improve productivity, lower costs, and increase profits.
Our team of professionals at PAROS Technologies includes business professionals who are not only well qualified, they also have a combined real world experience of more than 50 years in Retail Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and various restaurant day to day operational and logistics issues.
Our lead information technology professional has been in the software business for 12 years, and is also very familiar with retail stores. He has been actively involved in product design, development, installation, on-site training, and ongoing maintenance of several retail store applications. . It has been for a while now that he has been overseeing development of a brand new web based Sales Reporting and Analysis software for retail Stores, Central Kitchens, and Co-operatively owned CML.
Our professional team brings you:

Highly trained professionals with advanced degrees in Business Management, and Information technologies.
Extensive hands-on experience of designing, deploying, and supporting IT solutions at numerous retail Stores.
We bring you all the three critical components -Real world retail experience, Advanced qualifications in Business Management and technologies, and many years of experience in providing custom designed IT solutions.
We specialize in leveraging information technologies to help you improve your bottom line, but we speak your language -We Walk the Talk.

Contact Us today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We look forward to helping you succeed.