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Paros Purchase Order
PAROS Purchase Order program module supports multiple vendors. A vendor, from a QSR or CML’s perspective, could be a raw material supplier, a service provider, or it could very well be another CML.
PAROS Purchase Order allows you to setup your own store kitchen as a vendor. This facility allow you, the QSR Owner to compare your own production costs (by setting up his own kitchen as a “vendor”) against the cost of procuring those (finished or semi-finished) products from a CML.
The PAROS Purchase Order program allows the managers/administrators to selectively assign access to various functions, such as the ones listed below, to individual user accounts or role/group accounts:
Standard functions available in PAROS Sales Order module include:

Setting up multiple vendor accounts.
Associate various products/services with different vendor accounts.
Create templates for recurring/standard purchase order items and services Order, and receive raw materials and services from various vendors.
Specify pricing, default purchase order quantities, and terms for different vendors.
Track actual cost of production using various units of measurement (cost per dozen, cost per pound, cost per product type, or cost per process type, etc.).
Archive purchase orders for tracking of unit costs over time.
Track itemized purchase order costs per store, network, owner.
Track purchase order volume and purchase amounts over time by vendor.
Track waste generated (over time, by store, by product type, by vendor, by ingredient type, etc.).

Considering that CMLs cater to many stores, and the fact that most QSRs have their own kitchens, PAROS Purchase Order program is designed to allow for (pseudo vendor) transactions among various store-kitchens, and among more than one CML.
Usefulness of PAROS Purchase Order program’s support for multiple vendors (kitchens, and CMLs) becomes quite evident when you consider the fact that often several stores belong to one commercial entity/owner (a Network of Stores) that may want to distribute it’s production needs across more than one CML and/or store kitchens.
PAROS Purchase Order program is modular enough to let you shuffle orders (for finished as well as semi-finished), and track movement of such products across various member kitchens and/or CMLs.
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