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Paros Production
PAROS Production software module is created to allow you to remain focus on your primary responsibility - the production. We realize that regardless of whether you are managing a Central Kitchen, or a Cooperatively Owned CML, the last thing you would probably want to do is to spend hours in front of a data entry terminal. PAROS Production module lets you quickly review production orders, raw material (ingredient) requirements, inventory levels, and provides you a production manifesto that is broken down in optimal batch sizes based on throughput rates/capacities of your various equipment.
PAROS Production module supports many functions, including the following:

Specify a cutoff time by which all store-entered orders must be entered.
Automatically generate missing orders.
Allow orders to be auto-generated based on predefined templates.
Allow orders to be auto-generated based on recurring order quantity.
Allow orders to be forecast based on historical order quantities.
Allow Kitchen/CML manager to delete/substitute by product type.
Allow Kitchen/CML manager to alter/adjust order quantities by product type, by store, or for all stores within a network of stores, or by owner.
Review production orders by shift, day, week, or month.
Review production orders by product type, or production process type.
Review production orders by store, network of stores, or by owner.
Automatically calculate all ingredient, raw material requirements for a shift, day, week, or by a user specified range of dates.
Aggregate raw material requirements for all open orders.
Create a production manifesto.
Provide a production schedule that includes batch sizes.
Generate production capacity utilization report.
Generate waste report by ingredient, process, product type, shift, day, week, etc..
Automatically generate finishing schedule.
Automatically generate routing schedule.
Automatically generate delivery tickets.
Specify start date, and end date for seasonal promotions.
Automatically exclude orders based on store-specified black-out dates .
Flag orders to be excluded from production scheduling by store, route, owner, etc.
Single click approval/disapproval of any delivery variations reported by stores.
Automatically close order after pre-specified number of days post delivery.

PAROS Production module is flexible, and designed for Central Kitchens, Satellite Kitchens, and Cooperatively Owned CML.
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