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Paros Inventory
Paros Inventory.
PAROS Inventory module helps you maintain adequate, but just-in-time levels of raw material (ingredient) inventory. Regardless of whether you are a CML manager, a QSR Owner, or an Owner/Manager of a Network of retail Stores, PAROS Inventory module is designed to help you forecast all your raw materials (ingredients) needs.
PAROS Inventory program determines your raw material needs by backtracking various production processes and corresponding finished/semi-finished products with precise amounts of raw materials (ingredients) specified in product “recipes.” By allowing various finished products to be broken down into various sub-processes (semi-finished products), and by associating those sub-processes with exact raw material quantities needed (quantified using various user-specified units of measurements), the PAROS Inventory program automatically calculates all the raw materials needed for a production batch. It also allows you to manually specify/adjust the minimum order quantity levels for every inventory item.
By aggregating the data from all open (daily, special, forecast, or recurring) orders with the raw material requirements as specified by the user-entered “recipes,” the PAROS Inventory program allows you to look ahead, and accurately forecast all your raw material requirements.
Some of the functions that PAROS Inventory supports include the following:

Ability to specify multiple vendors –including CMLs, and retail Stores.
Ability to track ingredient costs by product type, vendor, and recipe.
More than one inventory item/service type per vendor.
More than one vendor for a given inventory item/service type.
Recurring/automated ordering based on minimum inventory level by product type, and by vendor.
Specify minimum stock quantity levels for every inventory item.
Standard order templates by inventory item type, and/or by vendor.
Support for associating multiple vendors with an inventory item.
Track waste by ingredient type, by vendor, and by product type.
Tracking of ordered quantities over time, by vendor, by inventory item.

PAROS Inventory program helps you -the CML manager or the QSR Owner -to accurately manage all your raw material inventory requirements -whether you need to need to forecast your inventory levels for the next shift, the next day, the next week, or for the months ahead.
By aggregating all ingredient requirements across all product types, PAROS Inventory module helps you maintain adequate inventory levels for all ingredients –thereby helping you achieve bigger (or most optimal) production batch sizes, and greater throughput rates from your QSR kitchen, or your CML.
PAROS Inventory management program also provides you a comprehensive review of the historical raw material requirement data for every product type, and the comparative cost analysis of the same by individual vendors. By making such detailed analysis readily available to you, PAROS Inventory helps you better manage the supply chain, maintain optimum inventory levels, and further improve your cash-flow.
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