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Retail Management Services (RMS)
Paros Retail Mangement Service (RMS) is a web based service for QSRs designed to automate the business processes. built on a powerful Business Intelligence and Reporting Platform, it provide users with the information to proactively manage the business. Track the Operational Metrics like Mystery shop scores, Key 8, RORs, RFSS, Drive Thru SOS etc., Score Cards, KPI's and the Dasboard help you to monitor the health of your Business.
PAROS RMS support many functions, including the following Modules and Features:

Dashboard: Users can choose from a number of prebuilt Dashboards and also customize the layout on the home page.
Purchase Orders: Track Purchases in PO module for multiple vendors like CML, DCP, In-Store Production, Pepsi etc.
Production Management: Manage items for In-Store bake or Prep.
Inventory Management: Automatic recording of the items into the inventory Module upon PO receiving. Record waste, Physical Inventory. Ability to create key item or full inventory count. Powerful yield and variance analysis lets you know where the problems are.
Daily Revenue Reporting: Record all daily revenue activity in the store including Cash receipts, Petty Cash, paid-outs, paid-ins, Charge accounts, Credit and Gift transactions, and Change fund. Enter the receipts manually or import the Radiant Daily Summary report saved in excel format.
Change Fund: Set up the beginning balances and track all the Change Fund and Drawer activities.
Petty Cash: Set up the Petty Cash beginning balance, summarize all the expenses and reimburse petty cash on approval through the Daily Cash.
Sales Orders : Manage and fulfil all the customer orders.
Payables: Record all Vendor invoices, manually or electronically.

Receivables: Create customer invoices and record customer receipts.
Scheduled Payments: Automate Fee Card generation and reporting to Brand, Percentage rent calculations or any other recurring payments to any Vendor.
Incentive Program Management: Create and manage incentive programs for your team effortlessly. Score cards and KPIs are compiled and displayed on the Dashboard. Automatic alerting based on deviation from thresholds.
Human Resources: Automate the HR process like employee file maintenace, Transfers, Rate, address, job changes, Birth dates, anniversaries and much more. Export employee information to payroll file. Populate the I9 and W4 forms automatically.
Payroll Module: Import Time and attendance data and create an export file for your payroll provider.
Business Intelligence Portal: Dashboards, KPIs, Analytics and much more, including Mystery shops, RORs and other operational Metrics.
Financial Tools: Budgeting, Breakeven analysis, what if analysis etc.
Accounting Exports: Export financial summary, payables, receivables, inventory transactions without having to enter the data manually.
Multi Vendor: A business unit can be setup both as a Customer and a Vendor.
Flash Profit and Loss: Compare weelky or monthly Flash P&L to budgets on an individual store level or a consolidated Network level.
Credit Cards and Gift Card Reconciliation: Automate the tedious tasks of Credit and Gift Card reconciliation.
Reporting: Look at the information the way you want. All reports are build on a powerful reporting engine, which gives the users the ad hoc capability. Export any report into CSV or Excel format.
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